Called to Serve in the Washington Spokane Mission

Called to Serve in the Washington Spokane Mission
"Come, Thou fount of every blessing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace, Streams of mercy, never ceasing, Call for songs of loudest praise. While the hope of endless glory Fills my heart with joy and love, Teach me ever to adore Thee, May I still Thy goodness prove."

Thursday, March 9, 2017

One Companion Going Home, and a New Companion Coming In

Hi family and friends,

My email this week is going to be shorter because it’s transfers which is always a busy time.

So, I get a new companion tomorrow.  Sister Blauer finished up her mission and went home today.  I’m going to miss her.  My new companion will be Sister Lilley!  I’m excited to serve with her this transfer.  When I was in Kellogg, Sister Chugg and I lived in the same apartment as Sister Lilley and her companion.  So, I got to know her when I served in that area.  She’s great and I know that she will do well here!  I pick her up tomorrow.

I don’t have a whole lot to report on this last week.  It was a busy week with exchanges and also trying to find new investigators.  Not a lot of success to report this week, which is a bummer.  We met a guy named D___ in the parking lot and we set up an appointment for him to come take a church tour.  He didn’t keep his appointment though, and I’m pretty sure he gave us a fake phone number. :(   Nice trick.  Also, you know how it’s just really, really low when a girl and a guy are girlfriend and boyfriend, and one of them is low enough to break up with the other by doing nothing more than sending a text?  Well, the same thing is just as disappointing when an investigator “breaks up” with you by sending a text.  :(   Yeah, we had an investigator text us saying that they didn’t want to meet with us anymore.  Bummer.  :(  Some weeks are that way though on the mission, and you just keep working hard and the Lord will bless you at some point.

We did have a great lesson with a less active member named J__.  She served a mission and everything.  She is super cute and bubbly.  She got married to a guy who she thought was great and treated her well, but literally the night they got married he started abusing her.  She got a divorce from him down the road, but it’s taken a toll on her spiritually.  We had a lesson on divine worth and repentance.  It was great and the spirit was so strong! :)  She asked a couple of hard questions that I really didn’t have an answer to, so I just said a prayer and shared my testimony, and the words were given to me.  It was a great experience.  :)

Thanks everyone for your letters and support.  You all have an awesome week!

Sister Worthen

The missionaries in my zone

We played "mud" soccer on P-day in the
mud, snow and wind

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