Called to Serve in the Washington Spokane Mission

Called to Serve in the Washington Spokane Mission
"Come, Thou fount of every blessing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace, Streams of mercy, never ceasing, Call for songs of loudest praise. While the hope of endless glory Fills my heart with joy and love, Teach me ever to adore Thee, May I still Thy goodness prove."

Thursday, December 22, 2016

December in Grand Forks

December 5th:

Happy Monday!

We got our transfer calls yesterday, and I’m staying here in Canada!  Sister Jackson is being transferred though, and I will really miss working with her.  She has been so awesome, and I’ve learned a lot from her!  I’ll get to see her in four months though, so it’s not too long.  :)  My new companion will be Sister Olsen!  I was in a trio with her and Sister Lott for a little while in Green Bluff.  I got to know here there, and she is just the best!  I finished up her second half of training when she was with us then, and I’m so excited to serve with her again.  I will pick her up tomorrow on transfer day.

This week, we have been meeting with D___ and J___.  They had us over for dinner, and we have been teaching them.  It’s been great to meet with them, and share the gospel with them.  And we have also been meeting with K___ and having some great discussions with her.

It finally snowed up here, and holy smokes it’s beautiful up here when it snows!  The pine trees glisten and the river looks so pretty!

Love you all!
Sister Worthen. 

December 12th:

Hello from up North!

I picked up Sister Olsen on Tuesday, and she’s great!  I’m really excited to serve with her.  It’s always fun to get a new companion because then you get a new perspective on the area.  She was taking pictures out the window on the whole 2 and a half hour drive up to our area in Canada.  :)  I took boulder pass on the way home so she could see how pretty it is.  It’s probably the last time we can drive through that pass until after winter.

We had a great lesson with K___ this week.  We read first Nephi with her.  She has a lot of faith, and she is coming to church next Sunday!  She made us lunch too, which was really good.  I love her and pray for her every day!

We also went with the McCulloughs to teach a man who is Arabic.  There was a bit of a language gap there, but hopefully he understood what we were teaching.  :)

This week we also did a lot of street contacting, and passed out a ton of cards and talked to everyone that we met.  We met a guy named R__ coming out of the dollar store, and he talked to us for a bit.  We set up a time to meet with him for later in the week.

We drove down to Spokane this week for some training, and while I was there I was able to see the transfer board to see where everyone was transferred.  That’s when I realized that I’m the “oldest” missionary in our zone, and the next one to go home.  I love serving with Sister Olsen though, because of her spirit and motivation!  I have that “I love my mission” attitude, and it’s been great!  We stayed overnight at the mission home since I had some more training the next morning.  When we woke up, we did yoga with Sister Dymock (President Dymock’s wife).  She is great, and we barely kept up.  :)  It took us 4 and a half hours to get home after the training though, because there was a huge snowstorm.  But we made it to our apartment safely.  Thank goodness for a good SUV to drive!

The elders were transferred out of this area, and we took over their work in addition to ours.  So we have been really busy, which is great!  Our district now just consists of us and Brother and Sister McCullough, but our area is huge geographically.  It’s nice to have the McCullough’s here with us, and I think we’ll be able to Skype from their place on Christmas day to talk to our families.

Have a great wee!

Sister Worthen

December 18

So, my nose hairs are freezing together!  We’ve had a couple of days where it was single digits for the high.  But the sun was shining, which is good.  :)  We also found out that when it’s 10 below zero, you can throw a cup of water high enough up in the air, and it will just about freeze by the time it hits the ground!

We taught K___ this week, and she is quitting smoking!  She’s doing great, and it’s been a blessing to teach her.

We had a bit of a miracle this week.  We have been trying to stop by Jordan, Sammy, and Tobias’s trailer to visit with them.  But we haven’t been able to find them home, and have been worried that they may have had to move.  We walked into the post office, and while we were in there Jordan and Sammy walked in!  We haven’t seen them in three weeks, and we found out they are living with a family across the street for a little while.  Now that we know where they are, we can visit with them.

We drove down to Spokane this week and we got to visit Rick and Mary!  They had us over for dinner.  If you remember, we were teaching them in Green Bluff and were baptized when I was serving there.  It was wonderful to see them again!  Rick surprised me with some wonderful news.  He received the Melchizedek priesthood the week before!!!  I am so proud of him and excited for him.  Before I left, I asked him for a blessing, and it was the best blessing ever.  Just simple and special!  That was special for me to receive a blessing from someone who I had the opportunity to teach and see baptized!  :)   While we were there, they texted my Dad a “Happy Birthday” for me since it was his birthday.

James and Ruth were sealed this week as well, in the Spokane temple.  James was baptized when I was in Cheney, and he started to date Ruth who was the Relief Society President in the student ward there.  They were married a little while ago, but were able to be sealed in the temple this week.  We got to go to the sealing, and it was awesome!  They looked so happy!  I’ve only been to a few sealings, and I learned a lot there.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas package!  They came this week, and the border guards let me take them across the border still wrapped and all.  :)

Merry Christmas almost!!!

Sister Worthen

We finally got snow here!

Below zero and cold!

Baking with Sister McCullough, D__ and Sister Olsen

More snow!

The Christmas tree and packages
that my family sent me.

Our awesome SUV that gets us where we need to go

The rivers are starting to ice over

With D___

We have a huge hairy spider living
under our stove.

I'm convinced it's having babies under there.

Someone who lives here told us that spiders
don't like the smell of chestnuts, so
we put a line of them around the stove
to keep the spider under there.  :)

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