Called to Serve in the Washington Spokane Mission

Called to Serve in the Washington Spokane Mission
"Come, Thou fount of every blessing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace, Streams of mercy, never ceasing, Call for songs of loudest praise. While the hope of endless glory Fills my heart with joy and love, Teach me ever to adore Thee, May I still Thy goodness prove."

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A "finding phase"


I hope you all are doing well!  Things here are moving along in Green Bluff.  Things are a bit slow, and the whole mission is definitely in a “finding phase” right now.  We have been working really hard to find the elect and the prepared.  We had zone conference last week, and President Dymock spoke about how the advisary is really attacking the work right now, and the missionaries more than ever before.  We had several workshops on tracting, street contacting, and working with members.  It was really good!  :)  I love serving with Sister Lott.  She is the best companion ever!  She is a hard worker, and is so kind and loving of everyone.  Me and her laugh a lot and we get along great.  :)

This week was a mixed one as far as my health is concerned.  On Thursday night, I got really light headed and sick to my stomach, and was sick during the night.  I had a really strong vasovagal attack and all the muscles in my hands, arms and shoulders and such clinched up like during a seizure.  It lasted about 3 minutes.  The next morning I felt bad enough that the mission nurse sent me to the E.R.  I had another vasovagal attack there.  But they were able to give me some medication for the nausea and give me some fluids since I was really dehydrated.  They did some blood work as well, just to make sure things there were okay (which they were).  They let me go home after that with a prescription for the anti-nausea pills.  I was able to sleep and recuperate.  I’m not sure what triggered this.  It’s been really hot here, so maybe I got dehydrated.  I also haven’t done the best job of sticking totally to my Fodmap diet that the doctor prescribed for me.  Time to get back on that fully.  :)  After a couple of days, I felt strong enough to get back into the work and we spent the day walking several miles for tracting and trying to visit some of our contacts.

We have picked up a few new investigators, but had some others drop us.  One of the investigators that we had sent us a text saying not to come to our appointment because she already found Jesus.  We had another that we had sent up a church building tour with, and they didn’t show up.  :(  One of these days, we’ll get to teach an actual lesson!  But we have been working really hard.  It’s times like that when I have to remind myself that I am still very blessed and honored to be here.  I get to wear my name tag each and every day and see the miracle of missionary work.  I don’t know if I have changed anyone’s life in this area, but I still love being a missionary, and I know that this is God’s work.  I think up until now on my mission I have wanted to be remembered.  Remembered by the ward that I serve in.  Remembered by the investigators that I found.  I wanted someone to say in the future “Sister Worthen taught me, or found me, or we loved Sister Worthen.”  Now I’ve learned better though.  :)  More than anything now I don’t want people to remember my name at all, but I want them to remember the name I bore, who I represented.  I want them to be able to feel of the love that Christ has for them.  My focus has shifted and changed because of that.  :)

Well, I’m doing well, working hard, and loving my mission!  Thanks for all your support.  :)

Sister Worthen

The card the missionaries in my zone gave me.
Sister Lott snagged a picture of me
in all my glory in the E.R.

We gave Bo (the dog that lives here on the
farm) a brushing.  He hadn't been brushed in
awhile, and lost a lot of hair!  :)

Bo looking all better.

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